Monday, 15 October 2012

Girls and your period!!

Hey hello everyone! How's your day??

In today's post I will be talking about one of the girls BFF which is our PERIOD. Occupied with busy-schedule-daily activities in our life, girls usually will have problems with their period especially in remembering the exact date of our period  (Yes,I do, most of the time! especially when I have to see docs and they usually will ask me this,and I was like" ermmmmm...aaaaa...I don't know" and 'blush' I found a very a great app especially for android users to TRACK YOUR PERIOD its called PERIOD CALENDAR.  Click here to download, or you can just browse through MARKET in your android.

Why i LOVE this app???

  • CUTE template!! (I'm a pink lover,so... :P)
  • its FREEEE (nothin in this world could make me happier than free stuff!!)
  • we will be given DATE for our NEXT PERIOD and also this app will END YOUR PERIOD automatically according to your period length setting. (*especially for Muslims we do not have to worry anymore about whether we are in Istihadah or not and AVOIDING missing our 5 times prayerrrsss )
  • and we can predict our FERTILITY duration -- YUP!! (useful for those who want/don't to get pregnant)

  • This app is quite 'heavy',so make sure you have enough available space before downloading it.
  • Sometimes it can create crash especially if you are using older version of android.

So enjoy your period calendar app and have no worries anymore about your period date and stuff..
In the next post I'll be sharing some tips of how to handle PERIOD CRAMPS..(uuufffff I hate thatttt)

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Apricot's Scrub benefits

Less Wrinkles

An abrasive scrub like one formulated with apricot kernels helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to allow new skin to regrow. Over time, this exfoliating action can help get rid of fine lines and small wrinkles, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, because it rids the skin of the damaged surface cells.


Some apricot scrubs include apricot kernel oil. This natural oil has moisturizing properties to help keep your skin cells hydrated, reports "Real Simple" magazine's beauty editors. The inclusion of the apricot-based emollient can help counteract any drying effects associated with exfoliating your skin, thus ensuring a healthier and softer skin surface.

Better Skin Tone

Exfoliating, whether it's with a mechanical scrub like apricots or a chemical treatment like alpha hydroxy acids, helps correct poor skin tone, according to makeup artist Damone Roberts writing for Oprah Winfrey's "O" magazine. It works by exfoliating away the damaged skin cells where poor pigmentation has occurred to reveal the newer, lighter skin cells beneath.

100 Percent Natural

Unlike polyethylene beads and may other abrasive agents used in skin scrubs, apricot kernel additives are completely natural, reports Begoun. The same goes for apricot oil used as a moisturizer in a scrub. This is preferential if you want to treat your skin only to natural or organic skincare products and wish to avoid synthetic ingredients.

Healthy skin

I know some you girls out there are dying to have this so-called PERFECT skin like those celebrities displayed in the movies . In my opinion, we don't have to be 'perfect' as them, but as long as you have a HEALTHY skin is already enough. Therefore, in this post I will share some tips of how to have a healthy skin

CLEAN your skin with clean water
  • Always,always and always clean your body regularly, if you are living in a hot-damp-climate like Malaysia please take your shower at least twice a day as this is very important to avoid  unleashing your unwanted body odor -- eeeww 
EXFOLIATE your skin with body/facial scrubs
  • exfoliating will removes any dead skin cells and makes your skin felt smooth.
  • WARNING : DO NOT OVER exfoliate as this will make your skin dries and may irritate your skin especially for those who have a sensitive skin and NEVER exfoliate on any wounded skin area.
  • PRODUCT : Currently I've been using a Apricot nourishing Shower Scrub by Ginvera and Himalaya Apricot Scrub for my face  ( I love to buy scrub that have Apricot seeds in it because Apricot has been proved to have a large benefits to skin. Click here for Apricot seeds benefits)

MOIST your skin with body lotion or also use baby oil
  • Why we have to moisturize our skin ??Well, the obvious answer is that to avoid dryness which will create more skin problesm like acne and itchiness  but if you want  to have a deeper explanation please click .
  • PRODUCT : Currently I've been using St Ives body lotion because it smells so good and plus have Vitamin E in it  :)

DRINK more plain water.
  • keep your skin to stay hydrated in natural way by drinking plenty of water . recommended 8 glass a day especially if you are working under air-cond environment or going for outdoor activities under a hot burning sun!
 PROTECT your skin 
  • Use foundation or sunscreen whenever you are expose under direct sunlight 
  • more SPF value means more protection!
  • add more fruits and more vegetables on your daily menu! Click here for healthy diets.
EXERCISE regularly
  • Work up your muscles. Jog for fresh air during sunrise! This will automatically gives freshness to your skin and body too!


here I will provide some examples of  that you can use for your "myself introduction" to the interviewers :


Good Morning sir/madam.

I am very glad to introduce myself in-front of you sir.

I am Nureins Arma . I Was born and brought up in Kelantan. I just graduated in Biomolecular Science final year from UiTM with second upper class.

I had completed my internship in USM for 3 months and was involved in a project : _______

I am from middle class family. My parents are both a Govt employ and I have one brother and 2 sisters.

My strength is my hard work, quick learning and I can easily adopt any environment.

I believe that nothing in the world is for free everyone need an effort commencing with hard work to get success.

My short term goal is to get placement in reputed company like yours.

My long term goal is to see myself as a good personality in organisation.

Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity.


Good morning sir,

My name is Hayati & I am from Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

I have done my BE in computer science & engineering from UKM, and graduated with first upper class . I have done my schooling from Sultan Ismail College.

In my family I have 3 members apart from me. My dad is an Engineer in Coal Malaysia Limited. My mother is a home maker . I also have a younger sister.

I have done training in Jaya Technology & Web Development. Currently I am doing training in Software Testing from SONY company in Penang.

I have worked on projects like Sales Management Software & Test to Speech synthesizer in my college days. Nowadays, I am working on an Automation Testing project assigned to me by my training institute.

In my strengths I'll say I am a good team player & very much self-motivated.

I am a person thrived for success & I can stretch myself to any limits to make sure that I get succeed in whatever I am doing. Sometimes it proved as a drawback for me & hence I'll count it as my weakness.

I like reading technology journals, exploring mobile devices & playing outdoors.

My short term goal is to work with a good & reputed company like yours & my long term goal I want to be an asset for my company.

That's all about me sir!

Thank you.

SPA/JOB interview tips

In this post I will be sharing some of job interview tips that I gain from my last experience during a job interview under SPA :


before the interview :

  1. be PREPARED ( search and search as much information about your company that you will work with : lucky we have internet nowadays ^_^)
  2. MAKE SURE prepare all the documents that are needed during the interview earlier ( identity card, birth certificate,academic transcript and other related certificates, etc etc - )
  3. if you are Muslims, recite a lot of 'selawat' and surah al-Insyirah A LOT.
During the interview :
  1. wear your best FORMAL OUTFIT (make sure it is tidy/smart and NOT SEXY)
  2. wear proper shoes and  girls must wear shoes with HEELS ( 1 to 2 inch ) but NOT A HIGH HEELS and the color code should be in BLACK.
  3. be there EARLY . (very important!!)
  4. Sit up straight and look confident!
  5. have confidence during the Q&A questions
  6. always smile
  7. ask questions if have any doubt in your mind.
  8. say thank you.
so now I will give more 'specific' tips for those who will be interviewed under SPA


  • Gain information about current government contributions to Malaysian as much as you can. WHY??
  1.  Usually there will be two interviewers in the room. One of them is from SPA department and this person will ask you A LOT about current Gov policies and current local news.
  2. The interviewer may also ask you about the Government contribution/project/policies that are RELATED the department that you will work with.
  3. I didn't know where the source is but some rumors said 70% of marks of the total interview are based on the SPA interviewers and the other 30% is from the related department interviewer.
  • If they ask you in ENGLISH, answer in ENGLISH if you CAN'T, ASK their permission to talk in PROPER MALAY.
  • NEVER CROSSED LEG during an interview sessions.
SO good LUCK guyss !! 

How to give a GOOD 'MYSELF' INTRODUCTION  during the interview (AN EXAMPLE) :

so, here you are sitting in front of interviewers and they now ask you to "please INTRODUCE yourself" many of us are quite blank of how to give a good 'myself introduction'. Therefore in the next post I will give another tips of HOW TO GIVE AN INTRODUCTION DURING AN INTERVIEW. Please click here

Never give up

Turmeric Mask

How to make a tumeric mask :

Yes I know some of you hate turmeric coz of its SMELL ( Honestly,I hate it toooo)
but surprisingly Turmeric mask  have some very useful benefits to our skin coz I've done some research about turmeric and I found that turmeric had benefited Indians long time ago in nourishing - softening and as natural antiseptic for skins and plus from my own experience after using this mask for a week I'd realizes that there are NO MORE pimples 'growing' on my face especially during hormone change in my 'period' and furthermore this mask isn't expensive and perhaps the ingredients can be easily found in your kitchen.

so here I will give instructions of how to make a turmeric mask.

1) first of all you will need these :
  • Turmeric powder  ( 1 table spoon)
  • Olive Oil ( 1 tea spoon)
  • Fresh Milk ( 1/4 cup)
  • Honey ( 1 table spoon)
  • Gram Flour (Maruku Flour) - optional ( 2 Table spoon)
2) Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl  until it turn into a paste
3) Apply it onto your face (avoid your eyes).
4) Leave it for 15 minutes or  half an hour
5) Cleans it with clean water.

* If you have a leftover paste, you can still use it for the next time , just keep it in a clean jar/any clean  container and put it in your fridge.

Warning : if you have light skin tone color your face will turn into yellow because of the turmeric but don't worry you can wash your face by using your facial soap.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012


I'm super excited coz I decided to create a NEW BLOG -> anyway,this blog is not about my thought/feelings its a more towards a serious blog (hopefully) that will give benefits to others..inshaAllah i will keep it updateddddddddd............---> hopefully.... have a nice day !!!