Sunday, 14 October 2012

Healthy skin

I know some you girls out there are dying to have this so-called PERFECT skin like those celebrities displayed in the movies . In my opinion, we don't have to be 'perfect' as them, but as long as you have a HEALTHY skin is already enough. Therefore, in this post I will share some tips of how to have a healthy skin

CLEAN your skin with clean water
  • Always,always and always clean your body regularly, if you are living in a hot-damp-climate like Malaysia please take your shower at least twice a day as this is very important to avoid  unleashing your unwanted body odor -- eeeww 
EXFOLIATE your skin with body/facial scrubs
  • exfoliating will removes any dead skin cells and makes your skin felt smooth.
  • WARNING : DO NOT OVER exfoliate as this will make your skin dries and may irritate your skin especially for those who have a sensitive skin and NEVER exfoliate on any wounded skin area.
  • PRODUCT : Currently I've been using a Apricot nourishing Shower Scrub by Ginvera and Himalaya Apricot Scrub for my face  ( I love to buy scrub that have Apricot seeds in it because Apricot has been proved to have a large benefits to skin. Click here for Apricot seeds benefits)

MOIST your skin with body lotion or also use baby oil
  • Why we have to moisturize our skin ??Well, the obvious answer is that to avoid dryness which will create more skin problesm like acne and itchiness  but if you want  to have a deeper explanation please click .
  • PRODUCT : Currently I've been using St Ives body lotion because it smells so good and plus have Vitamin E in it  :)

DRINK more plain water.
  • keep your skin to stay hydrated in natural way by drinking plenty of water . recommended 8 glass a day especially if you are working under air-cond environment or going for outdoor activities under a hot burning sun!
 PROTECT your skin 
  • Use foundation or sunscreen whenever you are expose under direct sunlight 
  • more SPF value means more protection!
  • add more fruits and more vegetables on your daily menu! Click here for healthy diets.
EXERCISE regularly
  • Work up your muscles. Jog for fresh air during sunrise! This will automatically gives freshness to your skin and body too!

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