Monday, 15 October 2012

Girls and your period!!

Hey hello everyone! How's your day??

In today's post I will be talking about one of the girls BFF which is our PERIOD. Occupied with busy-schedule-daily activities in our life, girls usually will have problems with their period especially in remembering the exact date of our period  (Yes,I do, most of the time! especially when I have to see docs and they usually will ask me this,and I was like" ermmmmm...aaaaa...I don't know" and 'blush' I found a very a great app especially for android users to TRACK YOUR PERIOD its called PERIOD CALENDAR.  Click here to download, or you can just browse through MARKET in your android.

Why i LOVE this app???

  • CUTE template!! (I'm a pink lover,so... :P)
  • its FREEEE (nothin in this world could make me happier than free stuff!!)
  • we will be given DATE for our NEXT PERIOD and also this app will END YOUR PERIOD automatically according to your period length setting. (*especially for Muslims we do not have to worry anymore about whether we are in Istihadah or not and AVOIDING missing our 5 times prayerrrsss )
  • and we can predict our FERTILITY duration -- YUP!! (useful for those who want/don't to get pregnant)

  • This app is quite 'heavy',so make sure you have enough available space before downloading it.
  • Sometimes it can create crash especially if you are using older version of android.

So enjoy your period calendar app and have no worries anymore about your period date and stuff..
In the next post I'll be sharing some tips of how to handle PERIOD CRAMPS..(uuufffff I hate thatttt)

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